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Spiritual 2

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MUSINGS: What do you want?

What people want is at the heart of today’s parable. A king invites people to his son’s wedding banquet, but their minds are on other things; they don’t see the value of the invitation. They don’t want it. Jesus’ story tells us that rather than being an imposition, our faith is an invitation, a gift.

It’s been said that the biggest problem with consumerism is not that it makes us want too much, but that it makes us want too little; it diverts and distracts us with lesser things. The world we live in is, now more than ever, full of appeals to our most precious possession: our attention. We are, so to speak, in constant receipt of many invitations. There is so much that conspires to steal our attention from what is deepest and most important.

When the king of Jesus’ parable issued the invitation to his son’s wedding banquet, people’s attention was elsewhere, they wanted other things. And some of them, evidently, were angry at what they perceived to be an imposition on their time and on their priorities.

We would do well to let this parable of Jesus pose two simple questions to us. First, do we habitually think of our faith – the practice and the living out of our faith – as an imposition or as an invitation? Second, what do we want – for ourselves and for our loved ones?


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