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Catholic Faith Communities of Skibbereen, Rath and the Islands

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Skibbereen Town Stations

Please give generously to your priests.

Tuesday 17th Oct at 7.30pm at the Rugby Club. Station areas - Lurriga, Mill Road, Milland, Russagh, Assolus, Cork Road, Gortnaclohy North and South.

Friday 20th October at 7.30pm at Cara House, Market Street, For the areas of Bridge Street, Ilen Street, Upper Bridge Street, Assumption Place, Ilen Villas, Flaxmills, Patrick’s Place, Blackthorn Place, Riverdale, Coronea Shelley’s Road, Newbridge, Newbridge Park, Inse Alainn, High Street, Sycamore Heights, Gortnaclohy Heights, St Fachtna’s Terrace, Hillcrest, Pound Hill, Ard Carraig, Chapel Lane, Home Rule Terrace, Market Street, Warner’s Lane, Cois Caol, The Mills, The Hawthorns, Gortnaclohy Road, North Street, The Square, Main Street.

Combine a deeply traditional spiritual experience with your neighbours when attending station area Mass.

The date for the next station Mass at CoAction will be announced next week

Lectio Divina in Skibbereen. This will continue at the Presbytery Meeting Room on Wednesday 18th October - 7.30pm -8. 30pm. Lectio Divina is a reflective reading of the following Sunday’s gospel in an unhurried, unpressured and quiet time where people can share their thoughts and reactions and together come to a deeper meaning of the scriptures.