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Catholic Faith Communities of Skibbereen, Rath and the Islands

Marriages:Things to do before you get married!

1. Check the Church is available on your chosen date!

2. Get a “Booking Form” from the Parish Office (address above!) Or download it here

3. Contact the Parish Priest of the Parish where you live, and advise him of your plans. He will advise you about the steps to take next.

4. Book into an “Approved” Marriage course, eg with Accord, Naomi or Cork

Marriage Counselling Centre,  (Click on these buttons below to visit their websites)

5. Contact the Priest of the Parish where you live and each of you needs to complete the “Pre-Nuptial Inquiry Form.” Make sure you bring with you:

  A. Your Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates

  B. Your Pre-Marriage Course certificate from Accord, Naomi or CMCC.

  C. Letters of Freedom if appropriate or relevant.

NB: Each couple must also contact the Civil Registrar of Marriages in the area where they wish to get married and complete the necessary paperwork. The priest who performs the ceremony is the “Solemniser” whose name is used on the Civil Registrar’s form.

Another useful website is, where one can find help with designing your Marriage Ceremony both in the Church and afterwards.

Please also check this page “Getting Married in Skibbereen

and Rath and the Islands Parishes” you may also download a marriage booking form by copying and pasting from this page  

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