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Catholic Faith Communities of Skibbereen, Rath and the Islands

Getting Married in Skibbereen and

Rath and the Islands Parishes


Couples are welcome to appoint altar servers to assist at their wedding. How­ever, in all cases, these children must be accompanied by their parents in the sacristy before and after the ceremony, in line with child protection procedures in this Parish. A sign-in book in the sacristy is to be signed by the servers, parents, sacristan and priest. Please note that altar servers must bring their robes with them.


Flowers and Decorations:- It is inappropriate to have large flower arrangements on the main altar or in front of the ambo. Please liaise with the Altar Society (flower arrangers) with regard to which flowers will be left in the church. Flowers mirror the beauty of God's creation and are welcome, but particular rules apply here: No florist tape or paste may be placed on walls or seats. It would be wise to discuss with the Sacristan, in ad­vance, the flower arrangements for your wedding


Photographers and videographers must exercise discretion. They should consult the priest conducting the service before­hand and respect his wishes.


Non-returnable administrative booking fee for Church €50

Use of Church €350

In addition, couples should make the usual offering to the celebrant, (the Solomiser) - this should be in the range €150-€300

For further information or to book your wedding please phone the Parish Office on 028-22828

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