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Catholic Faith Communities of Skibbereen, Rath and the Islands

September 2015

Re: Celebrating your Child's  Confirmation

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This year your child is due to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. This is a significant time for you as parents because Confirmation marks a time when young people move on from childhood to the teenage years. This is a time of celebration but also brings questions and anxiety.

Confirmation is a very significant milestone on the faith journey of your child. The preparation time for the Sacrament offers young people an opportunity to think about their future and the choices that lie ahead. They make choices about values, about faith and about God who loves them for who they are. They deepen their understanding of the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, always there to support them in their decisions.

The school religion programme will help them on this journey; however, they will also need the support of you their parents and of the faith community of the parish. With this in mind some of our weekend Masses, especially the 6.30pm Mass on the first Saturday of each month, will include a special focus on Confirmation and will include the Confirmation classes. This is our way of saying to these young people that we support you and are happy for you as you prepare for your Confirmation.

The school and the parish are making special efforts to prepare for and celebrate your child's Confirmation. We are asking you as a family to attend these Masses. We appreciate that some families do not attend regularly and may feel uneasy about attending. We say to you "you are welcome at Masses in parish at any time and coming now to support your child as they prepare for Confirmation is a powerful statement of your support for them".

We look forward to preparing with you. Yours sincerely,

Fr. Michael Kelleher

Fr. Chris O'Donovan

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