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Catholic Faith Communities of Skibbereen, Rath and the Islands

Parish Office

Opening Hours:

Tuesday morning from

10 am - 12 noon.

Please contact Margaret in advance by leaving a message

on 028 22828 or email and she will respond to your request during office hours.

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Mass Intentions for week beginning

Sunday 2nd August

All the following Mass times are subject to the availability of people for stewarding

Sun August 2nd Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

9.00am Cathedral Special Intention

10.15am Rath Lillie O’Regan

11.30am Cathedral Special Intention

Monday 3rd 18th Week in Ordinary Time

9.30am Cathedral Special Intention

10.15am Rath Special Intention

Tuesday 4th St John Vianney, priest

9.30 am Cathedral Pray or the Holy Souls

Wednesday 5th The Dedication of the Bascilica of St Mary Major

9.30 am Cathedral Kate O'Donovan and Eileen Harvey, Lassanaroe

10.15am Rath Special Intention

Thursday 6th The Transfiguarion of the Lord

9.30am Cathedral Special Intention

Friday 7th Ss Sixtus II, pope, and companions, martyrs

10.15am Rath Special Intention

6.30 pm  Cathedral Special Intention

                                               – no morning Mass at Cathedral

Saturday 8th St Dominic, priest

6.30pm  Cathedral Richard Palmer

7.30pm Rath   Emer Fitzgibbon (1st anniversary)

Sunday 9th nineeeth Sunday in Ordinary Time

9.00am Cathedral Special Intention

10.15am Rath Annie, Francis & Joe Sheehan, Spain (anniversary)

11.30am  Cathedral Eileen Sheehan, Ardmanagh, Schull

O’ Donovan

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Daily Mass at 10.15am

Sunday Mass at 11.30pm

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Sunday Letter


As of Monday, 29th of June 2020 we were able to attend the celebration of Mass once again at our churches. However, there are a number of restrictions which will mean that only 50 people maximum (including priest and helpers) will be allowed in the church at one time.

The schedule of Masses agreed with both Chairs of our Parish Assembly are as follows:


Tuesday – St Patrick’s Cathedral at 9:30am.

Friday – St Patrick’s Cathedral at 6:30pm (this mass will be recorded for Facebook).  

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Skibbereen at 11:30am

Rath and the Islands:

Week starting 6th July:  

Wednesday - Sacred Heart Church, Rath at

Wednesday & Sunday at Sacred Heart Church, 10:15am.

Saturday evening at St Mona’s Church, Sherkin

Week starting 13th July:

Monday, Wednesday & Sunday at Sacred Heart Church, Rath

Saturday evening at St Mona’s Church, Sherkin

Week starting 20th July:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday evening & Sunday at Sacred Heart Church, Rath

Saturday evening at St Mona’s Church, Sherkin

Masses will commence in Cape Clear when the painting of the church has been completed.

We are limited to 50 people in the church until the 20th July when all going well this will be increased to 100 people.  It will be necessary for us to steward all of these Masses 2-3 stewards per Mass.

It is also planned to distribute Holy Communion to those listening to Mass in the carpark from next Sunday.  

There will be stewards in the churches to assist you, please be nice to them. The loudspeakers will be operational so people can listen to the Mass outside if there is no room available in the church. We suggest that those who can attend Mass on the weekdays should do so and leave the Sunday Masses for others.

Thank you for your understanding,

Take care and stay healthy, Fr Michael and Fr Chris.

Parishes Calendar

4th: St John Vianney, 1786-1857, had to contend with poverty, military service and his own intellectual shortcomings in order to become a priest. In 1817, he was sent to care for the people of Ars, a small, obscure French village. The marvellous gift of the unlearned priest for seeing into the depths of the soul brought the world to Ars. From 1 830 on, the cure averaged twelve to sixteen hours a day in the confessional. Patron of priests.

5th : The basilica was built by Pope Sixtus III after the Council of Ephesus (43 1). It is the first church in the West named in honour of the Mother of God.

6th: The Transfiguration. The Cross requires the exodus of Jesus, his death, Resurrection and glorification. The disciples have to realise that he must depart, just as they are now prepared for his going up to Jerusalem to die.

8th: St Dominic, 1 170-1221, a Spaniard who founded the Order of Preachers (Dominicans) to counteract the Albigensian heresy.

Foundation of the Dominicans

Saint Dominic's House in Toulouse

In 1215, Dominic established himself, with six followers, in a house given by Peter Seila, a rich resident of Toulouse.[13] Dominic saw the need for a new type of organization to address the spiritual needs of the growing cities of the era, one that would combine dedication and systematic education, with more organizational flexibility than either monastic orders or the secular clergy. He subjected himself and his companions to the monastic rules of prayer and penance; andmeanwhile Bishop Foulques gave them written authority to preach throughout the territory of Toulouse.

Also in 1215, the year of the Fourth Lateran Council, Dominic and Foulques went to Rome to secure the approval of the Pope, Innocent III. Dominic returned to Rome a year later, and was finally granted written authority in December 1216 and January 1217 by the new pope, Honorius III for an order to be named "The Order of Preachers" ("Ordo Praedicatorum", or "O.P.," popularly known as the Dominicans or Order of Preachers)

In the winter of 1216–1217, at the house of Ugolino de' Conti, Dominic first met William of Montferrat, who joined Dominic as a friar in the Order of Preachers and remained a close friend.

Santo Domingo de Guzmán, portrait by the Spanish painter Claudio Coello in 1670

Founder of the Dominican Order

Born 8 August 1170

Caleruega, Kingdom of Castile (present-day Castile-Leon, Spain)

Died 6 August 1221 (aged 50)

Bologna (present-day Emilia-Romagna, Italy)

Venerated in

Catholic Church, Anglican Communion, Lutheranism, Order of Preachers

Canonized 13 July 1234, Rieti Cathedral[1] by Pope Gregory IX

Major shrine San Domenico, Bologna


8 August (4 August in the pre-1970 General Roman Calendar)

Attributes Chaplet, dog, star, lilies, Dominican Habit, book and staff, tonsure

Patronage Astronomers; astronomy; Dominican Republic; Santo Domingo Pueblo, Valletta, Birgu (Malta), Campana, Calabria, Managua