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Catholic Faith Communities of Skibbereen, Rath and the Islands


Saints this week

15th: St Teresa of Avila, 1515-82, deeply contemplative, highly active and practical, established Carmelite convents under a reformed rule, and wrote much on prayer and the spiritual life. Patron of Spain.

16th: St Gall was a monk of Bangor and set out with Columbanus for the continent. When Columbanus was exifed from France, Gall accompanied him to Bregenz on Lake Constance. When Columbanus crossed into Italy, Gall remained in Switzerland. He lived in a hermitage, which later became the monastery of St Gallen. He died around 630.

17th: St Ignatius, bishop of Antioch, died a martyr at Rome c.107. He urged Christians to unity in and through the Eucharist and around their local bishop.

18th: St Luke was a physician from a Gentile Christian milieu. He was with St Paul on his second missionary journey and during his imprisonment in Rome. After Paul's death he is reputed to nave worked in Greece. In art, he is represented by an ox.
Patron of butchers, bookbinders, doctors, surgeons, artists and glassworkers.

19th: St Paul of the Cross, 1694-1775, founded the Passionists in Rome, preaching on the Passion of Christ and tending the sick, the dying and the lapsed.

Lectio Divina, Wednesday 17th, 7.30 - 9.00 in the Presbytery. All welcome.

Sat 20th Oct: Maurice Bric UCD: The World of Nano Nagle. 10am – 4pm; €65 incl. light lunch; Booking required Nano Nagle 022 26411


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 St Gall was a famous Irish missionary and companion of St. Columban. Born in Ireland, he was trained by saints Columban and Comgall, and he was one of the twelve companions who accompanied Columban to France. He was a noted scriptural scholar and helped in the founding of Luxeuil Monastery. When St. Columban was exiled in 610, Gall followed him to Switzerland and then to Italy. Gall remained in Switzerland and became a hermit on the Steinach River. The monastery of St. Gall was erected on this site. Gall refused two bishoprics and abbacy of Luxeuil. He is venerated as an apostle to the land. He died in Arbon.

Skibbereen & Rath and the Islands - Parish Office opening hours Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday morning from 10 am - 12 noon.

The Parish Office will be closed on Wednesday 17th October.

 Town Station Masses took place during the past week. A special “Thank you” to the venues that hosted us, and to the team of people who organised the Mass and the refreshments to follow.

Autumn Dues. Those areas who have had no one taking station Masses for some time do not lose their duty to contribute to the priests of their parish.  Autumn dues envelopes are available at the back of the Church and can be put into baskets at collection time or dropped into the sacristy.

Rath Parish: The dates of Station Masses for the Town and the Cove and Ballylynch will be confirmed shortly.



1st Holy Communion Preparation.  Last Saturday night at the 6.30pm Mass, the enrolment ceremony for Skibbereen Parish was held. Before the Mass Siobhan O’Brien, the Parish Catechist, led a reflection on the journey of preparation into Communion with their parents. There will be two more of these during the year, before the First Penance and before the Communion Day. The Mass itself had the young people participating and the Childrens’ Choir sang beautifully.

All those looking to receive the sacrament in Skibbereen Parish will be welcome to the ongoing children’s Masses on Nov 10th, Dec 1st, Feb 2nd, March 2nd and April 6th.  First Confession will take place in the Cathedral on Feb 19th at 6:30pm.

Dates for your diary: Skibbereen 1st Confession  Tuesday 19th February,  6.30pm, 1st Communion dates; May11th

Rath 's list - Enrolment Mass, Sunday Oct 21st

Monthly Preparatory masses: Sat Dec 1st, Sat Jan 5th, Sat Feb 2nd

Sat March 2nd, Sat April 6th 

Sacrament of First Penance Thursday March 14th at 7.30pm

First Holy Communion Sat May 18th at 11am

Farewell Party for Fr Michael O’Donovan who is returning to his mission in Papua New Guinea will be held in Community Hall, Union Hall, Sunday October 21st 8.30-12 midnight.

Music by Colum Cronin -Everyone welcome.

St Marys Church, Leap Fundraising Concert in aid of Church Roof – Fr Liam Lawton on Sunday 2nd December - €25 per ticket. Tickets for sale in Leap Post Office, Cowhigs, Parish House and Members of the Parish Assembly

Croí na Gaeilge (085 1426903 after 6 p.m) - is holding a Leaving Certificate 2019 Honours Irish Oral/Written 2-Day Exam Preparation Course on Sunday October 21st / Sunday November 18th.

Minsters of the Word, Thursday 25th October, 7.30, in the Cathedral. We continue our exploration of what this ministry means. Please come!

Safeguarding: The Diocese recognises and upholds the dignity and rights of vulnerable adults and is committed to safeguarding all our members. Therefore, the Diocese has introduced Guidelines for Clergy, Staff and Volunteers for Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults which can be found at and click the safeguarding tab.