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Catholic Faith Communities of Skibbereen, Rath and the Islands

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16th: St Gall was a monk of Bangor and set out with Columbanus for the continent. When Columbanus was exiled from France, Gall accompanied him to Bregenz on Lake Constance. When Columbanus crossed into Italy, Gall remained in Switzerland. He lived in a hermitage, which later became the monastery of St Gallen. He died around 630.

17th: St Ignatius, bishop of Antioch, The second Bishop of Antioch, Syria, this disciple of the beloved Disciple John was consecrated Bishop around the year 69 by the Apostle Peter, the first Pope. A holy man who was deeply loved by the Christian faithful, he always made it his special care to defend "orthodoxy" (right teaching) and "orthopraxy" (right practice) among the early Christians.
In 107, during the reign of the brutal Emperor Trajan, this holy Bishop was wrongfully sentenced to death because he refused to renounce the Christian faith. He was taken under guard to Rome where he was to be brutally devoured by wild beasts in a public spectacle. During his journey, his travels took him through Asia Minor and Greece. He made good use of the time by writing seven letters of encouragement, instruction and inspiration to the Christians in those communities. We still have these letters as a great treasure of the Church today.died a martyr at Rome c.107. He urged Christians to unity in and through the Eucharist and around their local bishop.

18th: St Luke was a physician from a Gentile Christian milieu. He was with St Paul on his second missionary journey and during his imprisonment in Rome. After Paul's death he is reputed to have worked in Greece. In art, he is represented by an ox. Patron of butchers, bookbinders, doctors, surgeons, artists and glassworkers.

19th: St Paul of the Cross, 1694-1 775, founded the Passionists in Rome, preaching on the Passion of Christ and tending the sick, the dying and the lapsed.