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Saints this week

23rd: St Bridget was born in Sweden in 1303. She brought up eight children, and after the death of her husband dedicated herself to an ascetical life. Later she founded the Bridgettine Order and lived in Rome. She wrote many works about her mystical experiences. She died in Rome in 1373. She was declared a patron of Europe in 2000.

25th: St James, son of Zebedee and brother of John, called the Greater. He was put to death by Herod Agrippa about the year 44, being the first of the Apostles to die for Christ. His shrine is at Compostella in Spain.

26th: 5s Joachim and Anne (or Anna). Traditionally named parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary and grandparents of the Lord. The earliest reference to their names is the second-century apocryphal Gospel of James. Their feasts were celebrated separately until joined together in the Calendar reform of 1969. St Anne is patron of Canada, women in labour miners, cabinet-makers and home-makers. The death of Anne is celebrated in the Byzantine rite on 25 July, also the day the basilica at Constantinople was dedicated in her honour around the year 550.
Her cult in the West began in the twelfth century, and in the following century her feast was placed on 26 July. Though suppressed for a short time from 15o8, it was reintroduced to the Universal Calendar in 1584. The feast of St Joachim was also included in the 1584 Calendar, on 20 March and in 1738 moved to the Sunday after the Octave of the Assumption and in 1913 changed to 16 August.

St Declán of Ardmore - Declan is special, marked out for a higher purpose, even before his birth; events in the night sky herald his arrival to those with a mind for such things. His coming into the world is easeful - his mother Deithín knows neither sickness nor pain. She and Declan's father, Erc MacTréin, are in west County Waterford, between Lismore and Cappoquin, visiting Dobhrán, their relation.

Declan receives baptism from Colmán, a holy man who can sense his gift in others. In the infant Declan, he discerns an extraordinary quality, a sanctity which, in time, will bring others into the fold. To this end, Colmán advises a Christian education for the boy, from a suitable age.

After being fostered by Dobhrán, Declan goes to study with Díoma, a local scholar and holy man. It is a formative time for Declan, and he takes to learning with a voracious appetite. Cold nights spent hunched over scripture by candle-light, fail to dim his thirst for knowledge; indeed such experience only serves to spur him on, all the way to Rome, where he goes to absorb the intricacies of the ecclesiastical system.

Declan is well received in the capital of Christendom. Fellow expatriot, Bishop Ailbe, recommends him to those on high, citing his noble lineage and holiness. It is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Ailbe and Declan, and during his time in Rome, Declan ascends to the same office as his mentor. His period thus profitably spent, he is despatched to Ireland by Pope Hilary, charged with a mission to preach.

On the long road back through Italy, Declan has a chance encounter with that colossus of the Irish Church, Patrick, who is on his way to the city which Declan has left. The two exchange friendly greetings, before going their separate ways. In time, they shall meet again, on home soil.

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World Meeting of Families

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